HK01 Product & Technology

Build something that makes us proud!

We, engineers, all love creating. In our deepest heart, we love creating our own stuffs: LEGO, games, robots, artificial intelligence. What we truthly desire is the opportunities to build something that makes us proud!

We are HK01 Product & Technology.

Creating an internet platform for the people of Hong Kong.

We aim high

  • We are open to new ideas, and love to share thoughts.
  • We are quick to learn.
  • We care about our members’ growth

We embrace engineering culture

  • We continuously enrich our platform.
  • We leverage data to deliver a better product.
  • We understand our users through experiments and measurements.

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We are pragmatic.
We together turn ideas into products.

AWS Lamdba
React Native
Business Intelligence
Graph QL
Travis CI

We are HK01 Product & Technology.

A Hong Kong-based technical team with product-driven & data-driven mindsets.

Mobile Developer

Delivering a mobile-first platform.
ReactNative, Swift, Java, Kotlin

Web Developer

Creating a performance-first, versatile platform.
React, Webpack, NPM, eslint

Backend Developer

Empowering our platform with a fault-tolerant, reliable backend.
Node.JS, Microservice, Serverless, GraphQL

Data Engineer

Enabling our data-driven development with lightening fast data pipeline.
Spark, Airflow, Kafka, Python, Scala

Data Analyst

Leverage collected data, paving our platform's future
SQL, Python, R, Statistical Analysis

Data Scientist

Science is prediction: we enrich users' experience through prediction.
TensorFlow, Caffe, Keras, Spark, Python, NLP

Site Reliablility Engineer

We monitor and automate everything!
AWS, GCE, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible

QA Engineer

Test is everywhere: when you code, commit, and deploy.
Appium, Selenium, CI/CD

Product Manager

Create the greatest value for users.
Product mindset, Data driven, User centric

Project Manager

Think big, Move fast, Act sharp.
Scrum, Agile, Good in communicaiton, Work under pressure

UX Designer

A great product gives users a great experience!
Sketch, Invision, Axure, Photoshop, Illustrator

Business Intelligence Engineer / Analyst

Create a user-engaging platform through analytics
SQL, BI tools, Web/App analytics, social media analytics

We are HK01 Product & Technology.

Together, we build a platform that we are proud of!